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Lucinda Sanford offers a full build, design and project-management service. This ‘start to finish’ approach is what makes us unique.
We offer more than conventional project managers or interior designers, who provide a single service that requires clients to obtain help from different professional sources. By contrast, Lucinda Sanford is a one-stop shop, capable of overseeing a project from inception to completion. As the point of contact for clients from the start to end of a project, we aim to reduce the complexity of contracts and to streamline the entire process.
We offer a full planning service, which includes submitting planning applications. Where additional specialists are required, we have technical advisors and specialists, with whom we work closely, to assist with any further demands from local boroughs. We also have engineers and surveyors who can help to evolve the plans into structural designs.
As a contractor and designer, Lucinda Sanford is committed to producing exceptional and dynamic projects. However, if clients wish to work with another contractor, we are happy to manage, liaise and coordinate with them.
We also welcome the opportunity to work as part of a wider team in cases where a client has a historic relationship with an architect or designer. In circumstances like these, the goal is to work together to produce the trademark level of detail that characterises all our projects.
All build work is complex.
Our level of management, combined with our practical approach and desire to produce beautiful interior design, mean we are well equipped to be the ‘master builder’ of projects both residential and commercial. Our knowledge of on-site building work, as well as the outstanding management and service we give our clients, makes us masters of building homes and developments.






Lucinda has loved property since she can remember. A combined love of bricks and mortar and paint and fabrics has allowed her to become a master builder.






Is generally missing from the office as his important role keeps him moving across London and on sites.  Taking all the information we give him and turning it into building work. 




Monika assists with all the sampling, ordering and installations that are key to our interior design service.  Spending time surrounded by the pretty things she is also not afraid to be on site and muck in when needed.



Paulina is the "pen" behind the drawings. Making meetings, thoughts and ideas into something that can be built, she is vital the evolution of our projects. 





Some might shudder when her name pops into their inbox - it generally means bill time! However her knowledge of all our clients accounts and our purchase accounts is impressive and allows everyone to understand the financial position.